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What Is An Anti-Climb Fence?

May. 25, 2021

What Is An Anti-Climb Fence?

The name says it all-don't climb.

Why use anti-climbing fences?

This fence is the strongest and heaviest. The anti-climbing fence has a very good mesh that covers the entire height of the fence. It prevents people from using fences to enter the terrain. First of all, the fence makes it a very sturdy enclosure around the terrain, ensuring the safety of the people and local residents.

The anti-climbing fence is a welded wire mesh fence that combines a clean, rectangular pattern with high security. These panels are designed to prevent intruders (or people in the fence) from climbing up or over the fence. Many types of anti-climbing fences are also designed to prevent cutting. You can get anti-climb fences at different heights and gauges to meet your needs and safety preferences.

How does anti-climb fencing work?

Anti-climbing fences are safer than ordinary chain link fences. The anti-climbing fence also uses a more rigid double vertical steel wire welding structure, which greatly increases the difficulty of crossing.

When combined with barbed wire or razors, spikes or security fence spikes, anti-climbing fences are our most popular choice among high security customers such as prisons, public facilities, government offices, and military properties.

Benefits of anti-climb fencing

High visibility without sacrificing safety

Weld at every intersection

Double vertical anti-intrusion line design

Small mesh for anti-cutting and anti-climbing


Protect the weld after welding

Can be matched with a top of the fence to increase safety

Easy to install

Low maintenance cost

Anti climb mesh can be used for many purposes, depending on where and how they are installed. They can prevent intruders and thieves from entering, ensure the safety of dangerous or unstable occupants, and maintain the sanctity or safety of an area. We have witnessed the launch of anti-climbing fencing products and have seen their popularity skyrocket. Below are some of the benefits that different types of customers get from their anti-climbing fences.

Office buildings

Anti-climb fences can help restrict access to private parking and protect vulnerable areas such as trash bins and HVAC units.

Hotel industry

Many condominiums and hotels have pool areas for guests’ convenience. Anti-climbing fences can protect the safety of children and prevent drunk or over-enthusiastic people from jumping into the swimming pool, otherwise it may endanger other guests or even drown.

Gymnasiums and sports fields

Prevent people from entering the field after the game has started, stop intruders, and prevent people who have been removed for disorderly conduct from returning.

Industrial facility

Generally, factories, warehouses, and utility plants contain equipment and tools that are both dangerous and valuable. Prevent illegal intrusion after get off work, protect property and public safety.

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